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Health Month, holla!
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surviving the healthiest month of all
This is for everyone participating in Health Month. Share experiences, swap recipes, complain, ask for clarification on The Rules, or just whine about how much you miss cheese.

Health Month was founded by Keith Butters and Rick Webb. The main idea is to have a month of complete healthiness to make up for the miserable other 11 months of the year that we drown in fat, alcohol, and candy bars.

The Rules: (originally found on Keith's vox)

Part A. The banned list.

1. No Alcohol
2. No Smoking
3. No Caffeine
4. No Drugs - doctor-prescribed stuff is ok, as is Advil or whatever for those 'week 2 headaches,' but nothing else.
5. No "Big Bread" - this basically means no bread/bagels/muffins/etc. But, a pita is ok, and so is a tortilla.
6. No Red Meat or Pork - giving up bacon really sucks.
7. No Pasta
8. No Cheese
9. No Sugar
10. No Chips / Crackers
11. No Cream / Cream Sauces
12. No Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, etc.)
13. No Fried Foods
14. No Butter / Margarine
15. No Fast Food
16. No added salt - you can cook with salt, but no dumping table salt on you food after it hits the plate.

Part B. The allowances.

1. Light salad dressing is allowed on salad - hey, if i'm going to eat a freaking salad...
2. Small portions of rice are allowed - for things like sushi, or a wrap can be "light on the rice"
3. Only enough oil to cook with is allowed. About 1/2 tbsp per serving (less if possible)
4. Brown rice and whole wheat pasta are allowed, in moderation.

Part C. Amnesty Day.
We are human, and sometimes we mess up. With health month, this is built in. You get one 'Amnesty Day' for the month. This means that for one day, you can have One of the things on the banned list. So, if there's a party you want to go to during HM, you can use your amnesty day then and have a drink. Or if you have a crazy sweet tooth, you can have a piece of cake at the end of week 2, as a halfway point reward.