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Health Month, holla!'s Journal
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Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
2:46 pm
Health Month 2011
I'm doing a strictish health month this month in the spirit of the old school challenges.

I've been rereading all the old health month posts, the fights, the recipes, the debates, discoveries. I'm so proud of Buster for making health month into something so big and exciting and ongoing. It really has come a long long way in the past few years.

I'm not going crazy with the rules. Over the past few years, doing health month has really altered the way i eat in general. If it weren't for health month we never would have started getting spud produce delivery which is amazing and has turned our life around. I eat 100% more fresh fruits and veggies than I used to. I am generally very healthy and I attribute it all to having a yearly check-in with myself like this.

This year's rules:
  • 15 or less alcoholic drinks per week (screw no alcohol, this is challenge enough)
  • No soda (soda water, perrier, etc is okay)
  • Exercise for 30 minutes at least 2 times a week (hoping to get to Cappy's twice a week starting now)
  • Eat greens 5 days a week
  • Get enough vitamin D 3 times a week (I take 500IU Mon, Wed and Fri)
  • Eat whole grains 5 days a week
  • Eat raw fruit 3 days a week
  • Read for 30 minutes 4 days a week
  • Bring lunch to work 3 days a week
  • Allow processed food 1 day a week
I eat very little processed food as it is, I don't drink coffee, the only caffeine I get is from Diet Coke and that's only maybe 3 a week. I have no sweet tooth, I eat very little red meat. Overall I'd say my general habits are pretty good. The biggest challenges will be working out, alcohol, and whole grains.
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
10:44 am
Health Month iPhone app?
Hello health monthers of old!

I'm going to have to go back to work in a bit after hanging out with Niko for a month, and I'm trying to think of ways to earn a little more money.  One of my ideas was to make a Health Month iPhone app (and maybe an accompanying website).  Instead of having it only once a year, it would occur (within the app) every month, starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month.

Rather than get into wars about what's right and wrong, I am going to turn it into more of a choose-your-own-adventure health month challenge.  There will be 20 or so "Rule cards" with each of the individual rules, and you can choose which rules you want to follow for a given month.  There will also be "Exception cards"  that list all of the most popular exceptions, that you can choose to include in your game.  Finally, there will be "Amnesty cards", and you can choose how many you get at the beginning of the month.

You would play by, every day, going to the app and either marking a box for each rule or playing an amnesty card for each rule that you broke.  Perhaps there would be a way to create a "support group" with a pre-selected set of rules and exceptions which let a bunch of people play along to the same game.

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
12:47 pm
I'm in the Health Month sweet spot: not bored yet, observing results already. I feel lighter and brighter as I always do when eating zero garbage. I'm looking forward to seeing my butt shrink, but for now the best part is how my skin looks in the morning. The damn little (or not so little) bit of wine at night or chocolate really dries it out and inflames the capillaries. That's just the surface expression of how this stuff increases inflammation throughout the body.
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
5:07 pm
just beet it
Two days in, here. My boyfriend waved almondy chocolate in my face last night while he ate a piece. We've only been together since March of last year, so he's never seen me at my height of austerity.

This is the early adjustment stage. Though I have been somewhat in control of my calories for much of the year, it's like starting all over when you're concerned with each food's quality as well as quantity. Sigh. The part of me that just wants to reach out for quick sensory gratification to relieve stress gets frustrated like a baby, and I realize how big that part of me actually is! Uh oh, I'm a baby!

Really, though, I choose to do it well this year because I achieved a physical condition of which I was very proud through the summer and early fall, but I got lazy with food through October and November, shored things up a bit in December, then Christmas hit and I am desperate to get away from all the love-hate with food. I feel like I'm trapped in a very primitive mental and behavioral pattern with food, and society is completely at odds with the functionality of it.

Oh, and you know, I NEVER weigh myself. I think I'll do it weekly this month, starting tomorrow, so that I do it Monday mornings at the gym before class.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
8:54 pm
i've fallen off the wagon. i got sick and then consequently stopped going to the gym as frequently and have not been eating as well. i still have a few limits in my eating habits, but i've gained about half the weight back that. happy to report, however, that i have stuck to not smoking and have only been having the occasional glass of champagne (my favorite) or a glass or two of wine with dinner. still enjoying the absence of hangovers.

to combat this backslide with the gym activities, i bought 5 30-minute personal training sessions for $149 at crunch. it's a good deal, i think. about $30/session or $1/minute. i want to learn which weight machines (and i SUPPOSE the cardio machines) do what and how to use them properly. it would be a good thing to know when i'm in a position where i can't rely on classes. like on a glamorous tropical cruise. or if there's, like, a half hour gap between classes. i'm going to spread them out as much as possible. maybe once every two weeks. that'll last me through april.
Monday, February 2nd, 2009
9:29 pm
(reposted from my LJ)

All Health Month goals were completed, and all personal goals completed for week four.  In fact, all goals completed for the month.  I didn't cheat at all, truly!  I do well with this kind of structure so it wasn't as hard as it could have been.  I even raised some of the factors for myself like having absolutely no caffeine even though we were allowed green tea (since I very rarely have caffeine anyway) and I went completely vegan.  I also upped my workout frequency from 3-4 times a week to 5 times a week, no exception.

I almost went the entire month without using my Amnesty Day, however I got very annoyed with all the drunk people at the show I went to on Saturday night (although my annoyance went away as soon as SHIM hit the stage) and decided at midnight I would use my Amnesty Day for the last day of Health Month.  It was fun, but as I mentioned in a previous post I paid for it.  I was just so gloomy yesterday and I have to attribute it to the alcohol (even if it was a small amount).  Tomorrow night we're going to dinner at Icon Grill where I will most likely have a glass of wine, but that's it.  I don't want to feel like that again.

As far as my personal goals went, I completed everything I wanted to do.  I got more organized at home by getting rid of almost 50% of my clothes (and I still have a LOT), half of my shoes, reorganized my kitchen and painted my cabinets, and I have plans to get my yarn collection situated somewhere else.  Also, I went through some lessons on my banjo, learned a couple of new rolls, and am generally getting better.  I also wanted to go the month without relying on meat analogs for quick meals.  I learned how to make my own veggie burgers, veggie meatloaf, sausages, and endless sandwich spreads out of tempeh.  These were all things I used to buy prepared and they were all completely processed and rich with sodium and probably weren't non-GMO.  I might still buy a package of veggie burgers occasionally to keep on hand for nights I just don't want to cook but I can now throw something together pretty easily and have similar results.  I've also gotten my budget under control and am saving money with each paycheck.

My favorite learnings/takeaways from Health Month:
  • I definitely don't need to drink to have fun when I go out on the weekends.  I went to countless bars, shows, and gatherings without even feeling tempted.  It was so much easier than I thought it would be.
  • My body loves not having dairy forced into it.  Although I haven't drank milk in a very, very long time, I would occasionally eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese.  I'm not going to hold myself to being a vegan, but I think I'm better off not indulging in cheeses very much.
  • I don't need anything to force my body to go to sleep at night.  It's still challenging to get to sleep sometimes but I'm managing it with exercise, teas, self-hypnosis, and relaxation techniques.  I've started meditating again, but not with any great frequency.
  • I leaned how to cook some amazing vegan food!  I even surprised myself a few times.  I was especially pleased with learning how to make my own seitan; it's great to have a "meaty" non-soy protein source that I make myself.  My spice cabinet has grown quite a bit and I feel more confident putting them together in ways I never would have thought to before.  I bought one book, Vegan With a Vengeance,read it through, and went from there.
Other stats:
  • I lost 8.4 pounds and I'm sure a lot of that had to do with not drinking and also not getting a piece of pizza from Snoose Junction or a veggie dog from the hot dog stand after going to a show and having a few drinks.
  • I lost 3% of my body fat!  This was actually a goal of mine but I didn't expect it to happen this quickly.  Hooray!
  • My emotions and moods have been very, very stable all month, even with breaking up with someone right in the beginning (although that was a relief, to be honest, dodged a bullet there).  My only mood shift was yesterday when I felt crappy from the alcohol.
I would still like to lose about 10 more pounds and have designed a Health Month-like maintenance plan that I'll stay on until I reach that goal.  One challenge I'm going to have is eating out and snacking after late nights out but I think I'm doing pretty well in the self-control department.

Hooray for Health Month and hooray for everyone that participated.  I got so much encouragement from my friends and was also inspired knowing that people all across the country were going through the same exercise.  I'm really pleased with the results and I feel like I've been completely recalibrated.

2:13 pm
hello hangover, goodbye health month
alright, it's over. it was over on thursday really, we cheated like mad at the end there but whatever, it's all good.

i lost a few pounds i think. i don't know how many as i don't own a scale, but my clothes fit differently and i just feel different about the midsection. awesome! i want to keep this weight off. before hm i was at the heaviest i think i've ever been and that just isn't good. i have a ridiculous wish to be a size 6 again. i don't know why, maybe because i felt really good at a 6, and i think i looked great, but i'm not sure if that's really possible for me right now, as i don't exercise at all and don't plan to in the future either. i have been walking a whole lot and would love to get a pedometer to track my steps. i think walking makes a big difference for me. i also want to go out dancing more. more soul nights! sweating to the oldies is what keeps me young!

as far as food goes i really want to keep up the healthy eating. maybe i'll allow myself one day a week to go off the rails and eat a huge mound of pasta. i need it. something about the sleepy, groggy feeling it gives me is just so comforting. i need that back. but just sometimes, not all the time. i love how i feel when i'm eating healthy, i have great energy, i'm more present and alert and clear-headed and just ON. i think we're going to start getting spud deliveries. it will help us keep this up.

yesterday we went to the twilight to watch the superball and fell off the wagon hard. i ate deep fried chicken wings and nearly barfed. i didn't even finish half of them. omg, you guys greasy food is disgusting. it wasn't even that tasty honestly, it just grossed me out. i felt immediately sick and gross, and got really sleepy and sluggish and could feel the grease bomb in my stomach for hours afterwards. lesson learned. nasty. also, movie popcorn is disgusting.

overall this health month was great. i learned a lot, formed some great new habits that i intend to keep up, and had a great time. i'm now ready to go out again at night and resume my social life with my new skinnier, happier body.
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
9:19 pm
Amnesty night
Was a little late because I pre-planned a restaurant outing with friends for SF's dine about town.

I had lots of bread, butter, and wine. Then I ate ice cream for dessert.

Things have been kind of busy and stressful lately, so when I think of completing health month, I sort of want to continue with the habits. I am mostly doing this because I like the way my skin looks, I like not being caffeine dependent in the mornings, and I like being regular. On Feb 1st, I am running a marathon and having a nice brunch afterwords, but I will probably work out a system where I can follow some basic principles and give myself amnesty once a week.

If you had to carry anything from health month with you for the rest of the year, what would it be and why?
2:42 pm
home stretch
It's almost over, friends!

I don't think I'm going to do health month again. Not that I don't think it's awesome and useful, I just think that it has served it's purpose in my life and I don't need it anymore. I've formed some amazing habits this year and I intend to carry them through into my normal life. I'd like to impose a health week here and there throughout the year. I don't think once a year is enough to make a lasting difference for me, so I'm going to give myself little reminders more often to stay on track.

I had a glass and a half of wine on Sunday. Not because I was craving it or needed it but because I wanted it and I think it's silly to not have it just because health month says so. I'm still keeping on track through the rest of the time, the diet's still on, but my heart's not in it. I'm ready for my real healthy life to begin in earnest.

I'll be drinking a little early on Sunday because it will be the last karaoke night at the current location of the Twilight Exit and I'm not messing around with sobriety on a night like that.

Thanks Health Month, you've done wonders for me, it's time to move on.
Sunday, January 25th, 2009
12:10 pm
no wai!
i may have just maybe possibly perhaps lost a tiny bit of weight this month! so say the jeans i haven't worn for over a month anyhow. it's hard to say though, they may just be stretched out.

i haven't exercised at all outside of my normal routine of a lot of walking all over the place. it would be nice to have lost a couple pounds, but then again, there's no way to know since i don't own a scale and didn't weigh myself 3 weeks ago.

oh well. i'm still ready for this to be over. also i may be getting sick. it's been coming on for over 2 weeks now.
Friday, January 23rd, 2009
1:34 pm
week whatever day whatever
still here, still doing the health month thing.

something i've learned: i hate green salad. even if it has fancy dressing and fancy toasted nuts and cheese and crutons and fruit or whatever, i really can't stand salad. i like greens. i like them as an accent or as a bed for something else, but trying to get a bunch of raw leaves covered in vinegar into y mouth is just a pain in the ass. does anyone actually enjoy eating a green salad? i can't imagine.

on the other hand i'm madly in love with kale and chard. i love love love hearty greens and would love to experiment with them more. i want to try beet greens and mustard greens and all sorts. i just like them very quickly sauteed so they still have their firmness and bite and nutients intact. so tasty!

i've decided to stop fooling myself by buying salad greens because they ALWAYS rot in my fridge. i don't remember the last time i got through a whole bag of greens or a whole head of lettuce. it's just a waste of money and space. harumph.

things are great otherwise. loving my quinoa, just roasted a delicious little chicken last night with taters, made some stock. life is good, and delicious.

i had a dream that i made myself a giant bowl of pasta last night. it was so tasty and i felt so very guilty.
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
4:18 pm
it's that time of the health month...
i haven't been posting at all this week. i've been a bit down and out because it's been a tough week. starting with amnesty day, where i endulged in an uber-comforting meal of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and pecan pie (southern potluck dinner planned back in december). the next day i did a cardio class followed by a half hour on a stationary bike (which i was only able to do because i was knitting while i was on the bike), and then a pretty challenging yoga class. i burned at least 900 calories, which then made me ravenous for the rest of the day, which eventually led to me overeating and feeling like crap. tuesday was inauguration day. i had a glass of champagne, which i don't feel bad about. and while i didn't really eat anything terrible or non-compliant the rest of the day, i did eat a lot. and aside from taking a stroll along the waterfront (the east river was crusted over with ice along the shores!), i didn't work out at all. yesterday was more healthy overeating, no gym. my excuse being the cold temperatures. i've also been breaking out a bit in the face, and super sensitive emotionally... i thought maybe health month was creeping up on me, and i was feeling deprived and guilt from amnesty day and a few slip-ups interpreted as tailspin and failure. but i just got my period this afternoon (sorry if tmi) and it explained EVERYTHING and now i am much happier. i absolutely can't skip the gym tonight (mat pilates and 80s movie dance class), and i've already eaten much less and better today. relief!

and now for your prize!

Monday, January 19th, 2009
9:31 pm
Halfway through..
Despite being on track with health month religiously when I am at home, I tend to find myself in slippage territory at restaurants.

To this day however I have not been consuming:
Cheese of any kind
Red meat
Cigarettes (this is a given since I don't smoke)
Heavy amounts of refined sugar
French fries
Butter covered on anything

I did however have:
Accidental onion ring in my sandwich
Butter in cooked foods and Ok Mok crackers.
White rice (because I needed the carbs)
A tiny taste of marionberry pie that somehow made its way onto my fork
More oil than necessary

I have also been exercising about 3-4 times a week and went on a ski trip this weekend where I skied for two whole days. (Hence the accidental onion ring and the pie)

This has led to a total of four lbs lost in the past two and a half weeks. This is reasonably healthy weight loss, and I welcome it. I am also hoping that my lifestyle changes right now foster a deeper commitment to eating healthier in the future. While I am excited to eat my first piece of cheese, I am also going to make sure that it is followed by a plethora of veggies on the side. The most valuable lesson of health month thus far is that I can control the intake of crappy food on the road by packing some extra stuff and ordering lots of soups. I found the soups to be hearty and filling, but not overly bad for me. I also discovered how filling a lara bar could be when you need calories on the slopes.

Overall, I am experiencing a good healthy glow in my skin. I no longer need to grab my coffee in the morning, and caffeine overall has very little effect on my body or my mood. I stopped having headaches a week ago. My stomach is still adjusting, but it has been through a lot of travel the past couple of weeks. Now I can fully devote myself to watching my intake of food until I have a scheduled amnesty night on Jan 28th. Why the 28th? My friends made reservations to Fringale in San Francisco.
11:56 pm
health poisoning
Because my health month was going too well, I figured I'd spice things up by getting food poisoning.

Food poisoning is somewhat humorous in retrospect. It's like your body is not only flushing itself of whatever toxin it's detected, it also tosses in a little extra misery to smack you around a bit for introducing that toxin in the first place.

"What's that? A sip of cool water as minor respite from 4 hours of things too painful and disgusting to speak of? Let me think about that for a minute... DENIED!"

After the actual sickness part subsided, the worst part was having absolutely zero appetite for the next 3 days. I forced myself to eat a half a slice of pizza on the 3rd day, based on a very light-headed asessment of "caloric density" Unfortunately it was not very enjoyable, and merely served the purpose of keeping me from passing out. Which sucks, cause if you're gonna et pizza under duress, it should at least be delicious.

I'm back to full strength, and 75% appetite. Everything I ate the day I got sick still makes me queasy to think about, which sucks, because it was pretty much all my go-to daily stuff that I've been eating all month. I guess the variety will do me some good...
7:58 pm
Halfway in!
Two weeks in and I still feel great.  I've dropped about 7 pounds total, my skin looks great, and I feel amazingly energetic.  I can't believe how much I'm enjoying going to the same clubs, venues, and bars and not drinking. 

Something I've been thinking about; everyone has Obama parties going on tomorrow and I've been invited to quite a few of them.  I've decided to skip it all and just go home after work (I'll watch the address online at work).  Election night on Capitol Hill was such an insane and beautiful occasion that I don't even want to compete with it.  I feel like tomorrow is a more somber event and it's time for everyone to get to work and it's going to be hard work for all of us.  At first, I was considering using my Amnesty Day to indulge in some champagne but I realized today that I don't want to.  I don't want to drink, eat something crappy, and ruin how great I feel.  Instead, I'll celebrate quietly.  I'm sure I'll envy those who partied wildly later on when I see the pictures and hear the stories but I feel like I want this to be a quiet celebration of reflection and planning.  I suppose that's all I've got to say about all that this week.

And now...my delicious vegan-health-month-compliant dinner!  Meatloaf with gravy, smashed yams with thyme, rosemary, and garlic, and steamed broccoli with lemon.  Yum!

Current Mood: content
6:52 pm
amnesty for all!
i think tomorrow should be an automatic amnesty day. honestly, it's a grand historic moment we'll be celebrating, and do you want to remember it as the day you couldn't have a glass of champagne or an obama cookie?

this is kind of an arbitrary game after all, and as amazing and life changing as it is, the inauguration of our 44th president trumps it in my mind.

i took my official amnesty day on friday for the husband's company party, and tomorrow i'll be cheating with champagne without the slightest pang of guilt.

i invite you all to enjoy me and indulge a little tomorrow in the name of democracy.
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
2:47 am
health month 13

wasn't that exciting, but still delicious.

i had a slice of wheat toast with hummus, avocado, and half a cherry pomegranate naked juice to fuel my gogo dance workout. unfortch, my dad called right as i was leaving, and then the L train was ruining my life again, so i was about 20 mins late to go go dance. turns out gogo dancing is slut dancing. the class description references both the pussycat dolls AND mod swingers of the 60s. but it's pretty much ONLY pussycat dolls as far as i can tell. maybe it was the instructor or maybe it was the fact that i have TWO WHOLE dance classes under my belt, but i found it easier to pick up the choreography this time. i'll try my damndest to make it to 80s movie night on thursday and report back to you.

after this class, i put my legwarmers and sleeping bag jacket back on, braved the 20F temperature and went down the street to another location for the abs class. if i hadn't missed so much of gogo, and if i hadn't consumed questionably prepared veggies friday night, i might have skipped it because of the cold. it was super crowded and apparently you're supposed to get a ticket when you check in and give it to a lady at the beginning of class so it won't overfill. i didn't know this. the funny thing is, though, the class was so crowded that the lady picking the tickets up didn't realize i never gave her a ticket. this was a very tough section of the class. this instructor is hardcore. he also did a hardcore spin class i took that i found next to impossible (it was the first day of health month, i'm giving it another try on monday). he wandered around the room and chatted up people with a combination of ridicule, correction, and encouragement. to the husky/doughy gay boy with the new wave hipster haircut: "you're a big strong guy, you can lift your legs higher than that, come on! alright now straighten your hips. that's it, you got it!"

after the workout, i caved and bought a crunch "awesome bar", which i'd bought before sometime around christmas. i was lured by the cool packaging and catchy name, and quite pleased with its texture and coconutty flavor. i looked over the ingredients, seems to have a bit of dairy elements for protein. i kind of love them, though, so i got one. i liked the packaging so much, i saved the wrapper and took a picture:

i nibbled it on my way to whole foods, where i was going to replenish my produce. however, i got lured into brooklyn industries with a promise of "an additional 30% on all sale items!", and bought a new weekender duffel bag in a pretty black and white floral print, so just hit a couple of tents at the union square farmer's market instead. root vegs, apples and pears.

at home, i had another snack of raw nuts and dried fruits while i procrastinated going to the grocery store for this week's big grocery shop. before heading out, i marinaded a portobello mushroom cap with evoo, balsamic, garlic, salt, f.g. black pepper, oregano, basil, and lemon and when i got back from the market i drained the mushroom and used the marinade to coat some diced potatoes (adding rosemary) and roasted it all in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes. i had this with a green salad, pomegranate, cucumber, radish, sprouts and a bit of organic dressing (annie's french. i know, totally cafeteria trash flavor but i love it). a good solid meal to end a pretty good day.

tomorrow is amnesty day and i'd promised myself to a southern potluck prior to agreeing to health month. therefore, i'm making a pecan pie and having fried chicken and potatoes. i don't think i can really get through a whole slice of pecan pie right now, and i'm going to limit myself to one piece of chicken. potatoes... whatever. and i'll bring some string beans to have boiled and maybe a bit of greens. i'm doing the aforementioned spin class on monday, and quite possibly another short cardio class before that, and finishing it off with yoga, so i'm well prepared.

and now, here is another prize (this is mostly for nikoel):
Saturday, January 17th, 2009
5:12 pm
griping about health month outsiders...
once this month is over, i'm hoping to keep up a lot of the dietary habits i'm learning right now, but with taking liberties from time to time. treating myself to a burger and fries with a beer occasionally shouldn't be a dire decision, i just can't eat that way all the time. as for now, i don't know what's REALLY going to happen after the month is over. i frankly don't want to think that far ahead.

anyways, i'm getting tired of people who are acting like i'm depriving myself unnecessarily. "when are you done pretending to be healthy so we can get wasted together again?" "when you're done with this diet of yours you have to try one of these deep fried cheese bombs!"

i don't feel like i'm depriving myself. i'm rethinking about what i am putting into my body and what it does. i can't constantly choose what i eat based on flavor and comfort alone anymore. i'm overweight, i have been for years, and i was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. overeating, comfort eating, sedentary lifestyle, drinking to excess, smoking... yes, i realize i've only done this two weeks, but in these two weeks, this is what i've noticed:

1) i'm losing weight
2) my body feels stronger
3) i have loads more energy (not caffeine jitters)
4) i don't get winded as easily walking up and down stairs
5) my skin has improved a ton
6) i think more clearly
7) i am more motivated on a day to day basis (though i still don't get much done)
8) i've been sleeping much better
9) i've been much happier with myself, and think more positively about my life in general.

i like these improvements. i don't want them to go away. therefore, i don't really ever want to be "done" or "finished" doing what i'm doing right now. i don't really want all this hard work at the gym these past few weeks to be for naught in two weeks just because it'll be february. this isn't for some imaginary badge i can wear on my sleeve saying "I completed Health Month!" and, as you've noticed, i fudge here and there and don't feel bad about it as long as the general spirit of the endeavor is there.

i want my outsider friends to stop counting down the days where i'll be back to where i was before all this started. i don't want to be back to where i was before this started. why would i want to going back to being fat, drunk, and out of breath? i also want to stop feeling like people are waiting for me to fail at this. in fact. i want people who are not me to get all out of my junk.
11:02 am
slight slippage at marci & ben's engagement party
yesterday, i had 2 soft boiled eggs with eggy soldiers for breakfast, then had a salad in a pita with hummus for lunch. i also had a half cherry pomegranate naked energy smoothie. then i went to my s.t.a.r. treatment class at park slope on my way to carroll gardens for the party. however, i underestimated the time it would take me to get there and so was 15 minutes late. rather than go in late and be a bit confused during the ride portion of the workout, i decided instead to ride a stationary bike outside the ride studio at my own pace until they were done and moving onto the the other studio for the conditioning and toning. that wasn't a great idea ever because i already mentioned how i hate cardio machines. i was on that bike two minutes before i wanted to get off and throw the machine through the window in front of me so i got off and hoped that the treadmill would be different, because this particular machine had a little plasma tv attached. nope. it was even worse because there was no sound because i didn't have headphones. at that point, the s.t.a.r. treatment stars were leaving the ride studio and migrating, so i got off the machine and blended in for the second half of the class. it was okay. she wasn't my favorite, and it was challenging enough but i don't feel like i was particularly pushing myself to any great heights. maybe i was still annoyed from the cardio debacle. she kept making us put our feet on towels and swooping and sliding them around on the dirty floor, and i was pissed because i wanted to use that towel for my face. how am i supposed to know i was supposed to get a million towels?

i got ready at the gym for the party. according to legend, a certain mr. charlie tu goes nowhere without his flatiron. well, i'm not a supermodel like charlie, but i, too, travel with a flatiron now, so that my hair can always look glamorous. anyways, this crunch gets an A+ for the people working out there. it was a brooklyn location (my first visit to a brooklyn location) so the people seemed really low-key and "regular people" in comparison to the manhattan outlets i have been going to. but it is far from my house, the facilities were good but not great, the locker rooms a bit cramped. i probably won't go back there unless i had excellent reason, esp since i have no other reason to go to park slope and it takes me an hour to get there.

ok, so at marci's party, i slipped a bit. it was a catered affair at the new restaurant next door to frankie's, where marci works (same owners) called "prime meats", though it hasn't yet opened to the public (i don't think) i stuck with the veggies and polenta and i know it was all made with butter, and not just a little bit. there was roasted cauliflower, haricots verts, broccolini, polenta, carrots. i had some crostini, one with eggplant and one with butternut squash, but forewent the bread it was served on. towards the end of the night, i caved and had a bit of the caesar salad, which i didn't even pretend to not notice was sprinkled with parmesean. so i failed a bit there. but not when you consider i did not touch the cheeses (brie and some kind of hard cheese cut into cubes that everyone raved over), i didn't even LOOK at the delicious looking pile of meats (prosciutto, salamis, that sort of thing... like i said, i didn't really look), nor the wonderfully comforting-smelling meatballs with marinara sauce that showed up. the bread i could have given a shit about. so a bit of butter, a light sprinkling of parm, a lot of vegs... no straight up meat or cheese. i say i was just on the right side of breaking even. i also stuck with soda and lime all night, though i tasted the punch everyone else was getting wasted on. just a tiny sip. being an armchair bartender, i was just curious about what was in it.
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
8:40 pm
mealth honth 8-9-10
monday: i'm not entirely sure of what i ate that day, but i'm pretty sure i had at least two meals of salad stuffed pita with hummus, as well as some fruit and some of the lentil soup. at night i went to a 60 minute vinyasa yoga class.

tuesday: i believe i had one more salad stuffed pita with hummus (recognize an obsession here?) with the rest of the soup. some pieces of fruit. oh. then i had some whole wheat pasta with broccoli and organic tomato marinara sauce. then i didn't eat for about five hours, the end of which was spent working out. i was so hungry when i got home, i just quickly boiled two eggs and had it with toast and fruit (half an asian pear, clementine). the classes i went to were:

Cardio Sculpt: Enjoy non-stop body sculpting accompanied by heart pumping cardio.
Pilates Express: Hop onto the fast track for 30-minutes of the most intense Pilates exercises. Connect with your abs, butt, hips and legs to create strength and length with results faster than being in the HOV lane. (except it was actually 45 minutes long)

today: i went to 2 short morning classes, then went to check on elena's cat, and went back for a yoga class. because i woke up at nine and the first class started at 10, i didn't get to eat anything until about 3 today. is that bad? i didn't feel terrible, but i was pretty effing hungry by the time i got out. i had a banana, a handful of pistachio nuts, and two whole wheat brown sugar cookies. then i came home, ate again at about 7. i made roasted red potatoes with a bit of olive oil, garlic, dill, salt, fresh ground pepper, and lemon, and had it with a salad of spring mix, pomegranate, cucumber, tomato, and radishes with a dressing of balsamic, a bit of olive oil, dill, & honey. because i was pretty lacking in protein today, i had two boiled eggs, too. i overdid it with the potatoes, though. they were so delicious i ate them all and then got a bit of a tummy ache, which is gone now. i originally planned on going to the s.t.a.r. class tonight, but i'm effing exhausted and happy and will go another time. the classes i took today were:

Chisel: Use weights and calisthenics to sculpt and shape muscles.
Absolution: Concentrated abdominal and back work followed by a deep stretch.

i really love these strength training classes. they hurt and they burn and my whole body is a bit sore and achey and i enjoy it. my upper right arm is pinchy, though. i already can't do chaturangadingdong because i have no upper body strength, but today it was impossible to even try. i hope it'll work itself out soon. i need my arm to get stronger so the other arm doesn't feel like it's showing off. i'd prefer it if i did only strength training, yoga, and pilates classes, but i need to get some cardio in there somehow or another. i feel a bit lacking in the cardio department this week.

i've learned something, though. i fucking HATE cardio. which is funny because my main form of exercise (when i'd do it, which was rarely) prior to H.M. was running and swimming. even more than just plain cardio, i HATE HATE HATE cardio machines. i can do about 2 minutes on an elliptical or stairmaster, tops, before i want to punch everyone around me in the face. so. mindnumbingly. dull. tomorrow is that 80s movie dance class. there will be SOME cardio involved with that. that is, the parts where i'm not standing around looking confused. if i am feeling up for it, maybe i'll do the spin class beforehand, too. i feel bad for skipping gogo class last saturday, maybe i'll make a point of going to that this weekend to make up for lack of cardio, as well. in fact, i should ramp up the workouts this weekend and early next week. this sunday is pre-scheduled amnesty day. marci's fried chicken... oy!

and now, here is your prize:
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